Doc Entertainment Prescription Group

  This is the Website for Dr. Bradford Howard Jr., a Songwriter/Artist, Image Promoter, Media Advising Manager, Motivational Leader, Mentor & Owner of  the Doc Entertainment Prescription Group. He has collaborated with Dennis Grady & they have become a Multi- Award Winning Gospel Music Duo. Some of their Songs have Hit the Charts & others will be featured in a upcoming Movie called No more Bullying & Suicide, Dr. Bradford Howard Jr. provides Marketing Plans to gain Exposure for Individuals, Groups & Companies. He is the Owner of 3 Internet Radios, which include the S & M Internet Radio, the United Praise Internet Radio & Docs Place. These Internet Radios have 24 Hours of Great Programming. He does not have the Copyrights to the Songs & Shows that are played on His Internet Radios but He is so thankful to those, Who have submitted their Songs & Shows for Air-play. The Video on this Website features a Song written by Dr. Bradford Howard Jr., called Never Too Busy. This Song was Sung and Produced by Dennis Grady, Who is pictured below on the Keyboard.  Dr. Bradford Howard Jr. is also a Co-Writer/Producer for 3 Television Shows. Dr. Howard's address is p o box 353 Windsor Ct. 06095. on Twitter as SMIinternetRadi1 and can be reached at 860-816-1022.